Wednesday, September 27, 2006


O.K. So I have decided to try blogging. The disturbing thing for you should be that I don't really know what my goals are for doing this. I just feel the need to have a place to express some things. I may use this as a vent for all my frustrations and struggles. Or, I may use it for really cool and inspirational messages of hope and healing. Can you tell I'm a mixed up and confused person?

The truth is, I'm just as normal as normal can be. I have days when there is a spring in my step and a gleam in my eye. I also have days when I am muttering profanities under my breath. What makes me abnormal? It think it's that I am a pastor.

There are actually people who rely on me for spiritual leadership. They are either drawn to a spiritual walk that has it's feet firmly in the muck of a messed up planet or they are just really naive.

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