Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Power of Easter

Anybody coming back to life after being dead is a pretty amazing event. I've certainly never seen it, and find it highly unlikely that any reader has. But it has happened. When Elijah laid himself over the widow's son, the boy came back to life. The will and the power of God, in conjunction with the will and the faith of Elijah accomplished an incredible miracle. When the son of the widow of Nain was raised and when Lazarus was raised. It was similar. The will and the power of God, mediated through the incarnation of God accomplished an incredible miracle.

But Jesus' resurrection was different. In a very real sense, there was no living being with the power to accomplish the miracle. The will and the power of God were effective and working when God was dead!

He raised Himself. That means that He could apply His will and exert His power while dead. (He was just as dead as anyone else has ever been dead.) His dead body, like all dead bodies, could not enact its will, or display its power. But God could and did.

It causes me to wonder again at His amazing "otherness." It also re-confirms the reality of conscious existence after death.

This may be obvious and self-evident to every believer on the planet, but me. But I was just struck by this thought during this Holy Week.

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