Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What Shall I Do Next?

Last Sunday we discussed the long section in Romans where Paul addresses only the Jews in Rome, and then the short section where Paul talks to the Gentiles about the Jews and how the gentiles should view and treat the Jews.

Several mentioned that they would really like to ask some questions of a practicing Jew. Modern Judaism seems to contradict the Judaism in Biblical times.

I said that I had done that with a Jewish friend several years ago, and maybe I could find another Jewish friend who would be willing to answer questions from the group.

I asked a medical student if she would sit down with us and answer our questions. Explained some of the questions I expected we would ask and assured her that we would be kind, respectful, and that she would leave thinking it was a very pleasant time.

She responded that while she is “a religious person” she feels unqualified to answer our questions. She gave me the name and contact info for the rabbi at a local conservative temple, and for the rabbi at a local “reform” temple.

So, send your vote by taking the poll on this page.

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