Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hebrews 2

This book was clearly written to an audience familiar with Jewish practices. Given that, the first thought is pretty astonishing. It could be paraphrased….

“In times past, God spoke to our forefathers in prophets, dreams, visions, even donkeys, and that’s pretty amazing. God’s truth communicated directly to them by all kinds of ways, but now, something far better has occurred. God has spoken truth to us, directly from His Son.”

The author then lists seven reasons why using this messenger surpasses anything else God could have done to communicate to us.

We’ll look at those seven things, and they should amaze us and change us. But I don’t want to skip the beginning.

God Spoke. That in itself is a miraculous blessing. It shatters Deism.

God Spoke to “our” forefathers. The Jews reading this should be reminded of their holy, special, privileged place. They were God’s chosen.

The pride the Jewish people felt at being God’s chosen was/is significant

DISCUSSION: Should Christians feel a similar pride at being God’s chosen?

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