Monday, June 01, 2009

God wants you rich

The TV preacher was describing a visitor to his office.

“He said to me, ‘I don’t believe all that stuff you teach about healing and about God wants people to be rich. But I want you to take this gift and build another orphanage in central America.’ Then he gave me a check for ten thousand dollars.” The TV preacher then said “HAAA!” It was half laugh and half contemptuous ridicule. He continued “when you put your faith in God, he will have your enemies put money on your desk.”

He repeated that several times while the audience stood and applauded. I was offended by the arrogance he exuded as he strutted and mocked the donor. But I was also offended by the crowd that supported him. I wondered why none of them thought enough to ask a few questions.

“If the guy had ten thousand dollars to give, wouldn’t that mean, according to what you teach, that God had blessed him? How else could he have gotten the money? Why would God bless him for his faith, when he disagrees with most of what you teach?

The donor displayed “true religion” by caring for the orphans. The donor demonstrated several of the fruit of the Spirit. The donor demonstrated faith in God for God to give him the money in the first place (according to your teaching). Why would you call one that demonstrates true religion, the fruit of the Spirit, and faith that God honors, an “enemy?”

Fundamentally, the donor that was scorned and ridiculed was clearly a better example of Christ than the scornful, judgmental, arrogance of the TV preacher.

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