Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Calling

I was talking recently with several people that are considering major career decisions or changes in career directions. I’m always considering a career decision. So I found it an easy discussion to join.

Later, I read a commentator whose point was that God’s "calling" is too often used to refer to the ministry, when it should be used for a "calling" to any career just as easily.

It got me thinking. If God has a unique calling for each life, why does it sometimes seem so difficult to find? Why would he call me to X and then keep it completely hidden from me? Why would he hide “X” behind so much confusion and searching? Maybe I misunderstand something central about the whole thing.

Maybe a calling isn’t typically something that you hear, or know, or discover, or a particular place, or job. Maybe we are all called to find joy and live in loving response to the infinite love of God’s perfect love for us. Called to love, called to serve, called to joy in whatever place or way we work.

But a part of me is restless for more of God’s joy in my life. So a part of me will always wonder if I would find more fullness in the next job, next adventure, next day. And I may… but not because I have found my place or calling, but because I have found more of my God.

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