Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jeremiah 1:11ff

"Do you see the stick? Do you see the pot? Do you know what they mean?"

How many sticks do you see in a day? How many pots? How many rocks, birds, dead bugs, hairstyles, tools, heat shimmers, or poodles? Is God speaking to you through the things that are right in front of your eyes? Are you watching and listening?

The stick and the pot mean that God sees, He is watching, and His justice is coming. Good things to know, but Jeremiah wouldn't have heard them if he hadn't noticed a stick and a pot.

(If you were in church at Common Ground tonight... please notice that we were in Chapter 1, verse 11..... 1:11.)

Look. Notice. He often speaks by the things He puts right in front of our eyes. We need to notice.

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