Sunday, September 26, 2010


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"In your own words, how would you summarize the ideas from Jeremiah?  I have called them "the 'replacement' view of sin."


Marie said...

I know you. I have provided for you and everything is incomplete without me.--God

Anonymous said...

I see plenty of times in the past where I have had a "replacement" god without realizing it (too involved in children's lives, work, following "rules" rather than listening to God, etc.). I have also had times when I was scared to death but still stood firm, fearing God and not being obedient to His will more than I feared the outcome of the particular situation. I pray I can continue growing in my relationship to Him until I breathe my last here, and that I will be less and less likely to replace Him with anything. I'll fail at times I'm sure, but studying Jeremiah has re-opened my eyes to how easy it is to get off track, especially when faced with something we really don't want to do! Joy H.