Friday, January 04, 2008

Follow up on previous entry

An interesting observation from our discussion in Church Sunday evening. (We discussed the previous entry in the blog – in the context of Romans 1 – 4.) We were intrigued with the hypothetical situation of the letter from the court. The consensus was that we would respond with questions, objections and challenges if we had no idea that we had broken any law. We would respond with gratitude and celebration if we knew we were accused of something serious.

How true that is in Paul’s letter, too. The law was given at least in part, to remove any doubt that nobody can live to the standards of God’s perfect holiness (Romans 3:19,20). The clear evidence is that the Jews, as a whole, didn’t get that message. They were trying their best to keep the standards of the Law and feeling spiritually successful, superior and righteous because of it.

It seems that as a race, we are each skillfully adept at failing to notice that “I am a sinner.” And we reject the mercy of God because of it.

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