Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Jesus first calls us to come. Then he commands us to “stay” in Him. (To abide means to remain, or to stay.)

We have seen that this is more powerful than prayer because it is the key to answered prayer. John 15:7

We have seen that this is more gracious than salvation, because it results in more than just life, but life “more abundant” when we pasture with the good shepherd. John 10:10

We have learned that abiding with Christ is more miraculous than healing and more glorious than the image of God, because as we abide in Christ we are actually changed from “glory to glory” ever closer to His perfect image. 2 Cor. 5:17 ff

We have at least one more week on this topic. But as we have made purposeful efforts to “stay with Him and remember that He is in us” some remarkable things have happened… so remarkable that I am having trouble believing them. I write this for one simple purpose. It’s clear that abiding with Him is not something we accomplish by effort, giftedness, or even faith. If those were required, I would not be seeing anything.

But my lack of faith and vision notwithstanding, people in our group are seeing physical needs, emotional needs, and relational needs being met in astounding clarity.


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